The Problem of Keys

Ever had an employee loose, have stolen or leave the company still in procession of a set of keys to your office? Do you know if they have duplicated them, shared them with other individuals that you do not know? How do you know that they have not sold them to un trusted individuals? Can you be sure that they have them secure 24 hours a day 7 days a week? That is the problem with keys. The fix, Access Control.

Simply put, Access Control is hardware and software that creates working environments with boundaries allowing you the control of access to your office. It manages access, audits the access to areas and restricts access of areas to personnel in your building without the necessity of your constant accompanying of the individual. It also eliminates the requirements for keys that often get misplaced, stolen, or duplicated which often are acquired by individuals desiring access to restricted areas.

Controlled access environments are a must for areas of restriction that contain sensitive data, high costly parts or sensitive company data. They can provide a blanket of uncompromising controllable access though multiple levels of identification into locations and facilities that you choose. They have the added benefits of detailed activity logs, time or attendance logs and door or access usage.

Surveillance cameras, Video Analytics and remote monitoring can also be achieved with a quality Keyscan solution provided by Atlanta Keyscan.

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The First Step

Access security technology changes. So the first step of security is to identify the areas of access and access restriction in or into the facility. A simple assessment is necessary to identify not only what your needs are now, but what your needs will be as your business changes.

Determining system size, hardware devices, types of doors, restriction type, proxy cards or biometric access, number of areas of restriction and number of employees are all part of a good plan and necessary when identifying the type of system that will need to monitor and restrict certain areas.

Security technology systems start with Atlanta Keyscan. Either Centerpoint Digital Services, Inc. or Rottweiler Security can assess your needs, determine a card access security solution that will address your concerns and implement an access system that will lock down your facility.

With years of experience installing and maintaining Keyscan Access Control in and around the Metro Atlanta area, we are the number one dealer of choice for service and repair. With certified technicians and a host of trusted installs with referrals we are certain that we are the right company for your access control needs.

We can also establish and manage access to systems over the Internet with the use of encryption though a secure login and protected by a Barracuda firewall, keeping necessary PCI, HIPPA and other compliance standards in place.

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A Robust System

Now that the system size and requirements are known, we can design a Keyscan Access Control system that will fit your needs.

Well known in the security industry, Keyscan is widely recognized for the diversity, user friendly and software flexibility that is needed in today's complex environments. Our team of integrated access control system specialists can install, maintain and modify the building access control for a perfect fit and meet the needs of your security policy

Systems can also integrate with CCTV camera systems, provide viewing of photo badges and other layers of identification that lock down your building. Systems can reach outside of your facility and control multiple buildings that are miles apart, produce audit reports for management, and implement biometric devices like finger print readers.

We also offer other security services as well that are necessary for your business to function properly providing you with a one vendor solution. Those systems, integration services, proven IP Telephone systems and a host of other services that are tailored to secure your facility, keep you informed and protect your business by a Keyscan certified professional.

Flexibility, reliability, a great compliment of hardware as well as software, you can see that Keyscan Access Control Systems are more than just access through a door.

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Nothing is more vital to an organization then making sure that its employees, products, operations and assets are safe and secure! The added benefits with having a controlled office or facility quickly outweigh the cost of product, software and installation.

Controlling facility guests, vendors and employees from entering restricted areas, where they do not belong, is just the start of the added benefits and intelligence of your Keyscan access system.

It prevents and protects against unwanted access, entry, theft, liability and operational disruptions. A controlled system provides a quick ability to determine who gained access to a specific area during and after an event in seconds. You even have the ability to audit the access taken.

With the addition of Surveillance cameras you can allow or deny access as the employee walks through the facility or production area. You also have an extra set of eyes watching the entrance or exit of the facility and show evidence of what the individual was carrying as they entered the building.

You even can create photo badges with employee pictures that also show the individual and group that they are with. When you think of it, with the added layers of security, is there anything that we can not provide for your needs? When you are ready, feel free to contact us for your system needs.

In the 1980's

Centerpoint Digital Services, Inc. - 1990

During the early years, technology did not offer the host of products as it does today, but in the early years we implemented many of the products that are now a common part of the business world. With the events of 9/11 we have stayed current with different technologies to offer companies like yours a host of services that guard and protect your company.

Now in 2012, We still lead...

In the installation and deployment of top quality systems made by Keyscan and others. The software has change tremendously since we started install Keyscan Access Control.

Isn't it about time we helped you experience a great Keyscan System in Atlanta?